End summer training

Well, our Hayward training camp is a wrap. We drove back to Canada last Wednesday, stopping near Duluth for a roller ski on our way. The road we were planning to do the workout on was actually closed down for maintenance after some serious washout and debris damaged the road in a recent storm. Fortunately, it wasn’t really closed and the workers said we could ski on the road as long as we were careful to avoid the sinkholes.

The drive back was rather uneventful. Most people caught some Z’s, others watched movies… I got started on my video/vlog thing for the camp. It didn’t take me nearly as long as I anticipated to finish it. All my videos are rather simplistic and similar, so they take less and less time to make now – hopefully they don’t become less and less entertaining though… If they do, please tell me gently.

Special thanks to Holly for the GoPro footage of our paceline intensity! She filmed all our intervals, so it was cool to watch them afterwards. Having Holly and Alex (Nakkertok’ers) with us on the camp was a lot of fun and refreshing. Holly is actually moving to Thunder Bay this year to study and ski at Lakehead! Alex is still kicking it in Ottawa, but I’m sure we’ll be able to lure her over to TBay eventually…

Anyways – I’m home now for a brief visit with my family. It’s been a super good time so far. I went out with the Team Hardwood crew on the weekend and had a blast. There was a Colour Run at Hardwood; we sort of got mixed up in it during our warmup.


colour run

The team after a colourful warmup before intensity

colour run

I have scary body guards (Ryan and Austin)

The photos don’t truly capture how much dye we were covered in. It’s Tuesday now, and I just got the last of it off my scalp and out of my hair. Ridiculous. At least it’s out in time to go back to school… Now, to make the most overstated comment of the season: I can’t believe it’s time already! Where did the summer go? September means we’re more than halfway through the training season and less than 4 months from the first races of the year – oh dear…

I’m going to keep this update short, so if you’re looking for some more reading you can check out my August NDC Interest Article. Here it is:  August Interest – Jenn. I also have an archive of other articles I’ve written under the Multimedia –> Articles tab.

Alright. That’s it, that’s all.


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