Brother, I’m going to Belgium

Last year, my brother Ryan moved to Norway – because he has a dream. Now obviously this two week race trip to Belgium is totally different than uprooting my life to chase a dream, but I’m excited for this opportunity and hope it might help inspire vision for myself.

Starting something simple

This post is my first step and commitment to make regular updates on the blog. I’m going to show up every week, on Tuesdays, and share something. It might not be super polished, but my personal goal is to make a practice of sharing ideas and starting conversation.

Where the motivation went

The blogging hiatus did not last as long as I thought it might, at least not when I look at the calendar. When I think absentmindedly about how long I’ve been under the mental strain that led me to the hiatus, it feels like a longer time though. Writing blog posts serves several purposes for…