Leogang World Championship Week

Absolutely savage course, grinding straight up or sliding and squirming back down on a steep and muddy course. Call it old school, but it was a new track for everyone and stoked to land my first Top 30!

Restarting the 2020 race season

A nice week getting adjusted to the new digs in Czech, working out the jetlag, discovering new roads, trails, fire grilled dinners, and a C2 race near Linz, Austria. Second chances don’t come often, so I was pretty dang happy to restart the 2020 race season with a 4th place finish.

Chilliwack Trip

Last couple weeks before heading to Europe. Enjoying the trails in Kamloops and also making a quick drive down to Chilliwack for a few days to ride and catch up with cyclocross teammate Michael van den Ham (MVDH)!

Step by step, on to Worlds

    The tone was different at the Under23/Junior Trials at Lappe last weekend, compared to my previous experiences competing and spectating at the event. It may have just been my perception of it though. Arriving at Trials after a mostly downhill rollercoaster of racing at US Nationals the week prior, I felt pretty relaxed.…

Racing from Yellowstone to Canmore

With two weekends of racing under my belt, I’m already three months ahead of schedule from last year – where I didn’t really get racing until mid-February. Needless to say, this season has started off on a much better foot than last year (pardon the pun). My first weekend of competitions (Nov 27-28) were in West Yellowstone,…

Fall vlog & skiing in TBay!

I’ve just gotten through a slew of assignments, labs, and midterms, and was able to take some time to put together a video for the fall. It’s mostly Frozen Thunder footage, as well as some miscellaneous triathlon and parking lot shenanigans. The best part though, or at least the part that was the most fun…