Restarting the 2020 race season

A nice week getting adjusted to the new digs in Czech, working out the jetlag, discovering new roads, trails, fire grilled dinners, and a C2 race near Linz, Austria. Second chances don’t come often, so I was pretty dang happy to restart the 2020 race season with a 4th place finish.

Chilliwack Trip

Last couple weeks before heading to Europe. Enjoying the trails in Kamloops and also making a quick drive down to Chilliwack for a few days to ride and catch up with cyclocross teammate Michael van den Ham (MVDH)!

Unexpected summer plan

I’ve been in Kamloops for about a week, and it’s been great. It was a big move to get here, but now that I’m settled, the changes in day to day life are actually quite small (the climbs are a lot bigger here though!) A new environment to do the same things as back home,…

How to Wandrer

Sometime last fall, my friend Mark Hamilton introduced me to a site called (what a cool URL!). It’s a website that overlays GPS from your rides to a maps that show which were unique and which you have done before. It gives a great visual of where you have ridden and where you have…

Little victories and legitimate ones

Talking about finding little victories and legitimate ones, how to balance them out and define success. There are some hard lines, but generally thoughtful and still impactful for me to re-read.

From the start of the season that wasn’t

Missing the good old blogging days and struggling with social media feedback loops, so here we are. // Initially, when the season was cancelled, I was relieved. This pause has made me stop and think a lot, about myself, my pursuits as a racer, and if now is the time to reinvent myself or go back to old roots.

Off road ramblings

Stream of thought, read at your own pace and peril. Please forgive me for not thoroughly proofreading, my comma splicing, odd hypen-usage, and for probably seeming lost in my own head – it’s just like that sometimes…

So this fall was kind of crazy…

Ruts and Resolution

A little sunshine and short sleeve rides was exactly what I needed to get myself back in gear after the end of Jersey Season. Ruts n’ Guts and Resolution CX were two of the most best race weekends of the year, and also put a nice wrap on the North American season for our team.…

Cross is here

Big block of racing to start off the cx season and almost even bigger results! First UCI win, World Cup top 10’s… it’s been a lot, I can hardly believe it.