Andorra and Les Gets World Cups

Andorra World Cup – 32nd
Les Gets World Cup – 45th

More notes to follow!

Second trip to Europe this season for two more World Cup races. It was a real privilege and opportunity to attend with the National Team this time around. Having the consistent staff support and presence of teammates alleviated a lot of the anxiety I had during my first trip on my own, but also asked for a few small shifts in my own personal preferences to fit with the team. It was all more than worthwhile, and more than the literal race-support, the peer and social environment helped me feel a little closer to home.


Andorra World Cup dust bowl (Caroline Gautier)

In brief summary, I paced my way through Andorra; deliberately taking a slow start to spare myself too much early suffering as we raced at nearly 2000m. The early lap traffic was more than I expected, however, which was mildly frustrating but in the subsequent laps I was really happy to find myself moving up to quickly find myself right in the same ballpark of where I finished in the May races. Dusty and oxygen deprived, I rolled in for 32nd.


Morning walks in Morillion, France. 

After racing in Andorra, we drove back to Barcelona, Spain, flew to Geneva, Switzerland, then drove to Morillion, France (one town over from where we would race in Les Gets). Four countries in one day! Europe continues to blow my mind. This spot in the Haute Savoie region of France was absolutely stunning. I would love to come back sometime away from racing to enjoy the road riding and hiking in the mountains.

Admittedly, I was a little tired of landing just shy of the top 30 (31-31-32 track record), and with the course in Les Gets lending well to the opportunistic starter thought it as good a time as any to roll the cards and see if I could chance a breakthrough. Through the first few laps, I was riding up as high as the mid-twenties and was really stretching to be there. Despite the gut feeling that I didn’t have the legs to be pushing this pace, I still tried (and temporarily succeeded) to convince myself otherwise, but eventually cracked and paid pretty dearly for it as I plummeted back to 45th. No regrets, just disappointed.

After these races, it’s straight back home for Nationals on July 20th at Hardwood. It’s home course, so I’m hoping to give it a good send and give the locals – my friends and family, something to cheer for.

An extra big thank you to my team, AWI Racing, and United Home Hardware in Barrie for helping make this second World Cup trip feasible. And, as always, much gratitude for all the moral support from everyone, everywhere I go, especially at home. Much love.


Les Gets World Cup

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