Carolina Camp


Rolling down the airstrip (Instagram @jennjackkson)

Yesterday, we finished the drive home from Brevard, North Carolina. It was the first camp I’ve been on in a few years; I think my last team camp was at Foret Montmorency in 2015.

It was great to be back on the bike, breathe fresh air, and catch some sunshine during the 10 days we were in Brevard for. Riding with a gaggle of juniors from across Southern Ontario made for some good laughs and helped the mile signs pass like kilometre markers. Certainly a different experience than other trips I’ve been on, but a great reminder for me to keep perspective and self-reflect.

Observing and interacting with these young cyclists, people, – most still trying to figure out how to be athletes, was interesting, agonizing at times, but in other moments extremely inspiring and impressive. Some of my best memories in sport are from the days of the SOD training camps, circa 2010-2012, at Hardwood.

It took a little while to adjust to the group-training environment and scheduling, giving up my standard roll-out-of-bed at the crack of dawn to train routine for guaranteed training partners, sunny skies, and hilly roads was worth it though.

On our second day of mountain biking, we hit some awesome trails in the Dupont State Forest. I’m pretty sure I had a stupid happy grin plastered on my face the entire time. This was definitely the best ride of the camp, and I was relieved to find I retained most of my turning abilities acquired last year. I couldn’t pick a best road ride, I’d be torn between our Ceasar’s Head TT day, Day 6 ride, or our last ride on Sunday.  Let it also be known that I, for the first time ever, achieved some uphill road QOM’s. I may now retire in peace.


A chilly mid-ride river crossing in Dupont (@peterglassford)

In any case, home now for one short week before jetting out to Victoria for the first Canada Cup of the year. I cannot believe it’s already time to start racing, that it’s been almost a whole year working on this bike hobby thing ;) I’m excited for it, which is a good sign.

Thank you for bearing with me through this rather jarring update, thoughts are not coming to me clearly. Back to regular weekly posts next Tuesday.

March, April Race Schedule

31 March – Bear Mountain C1 (Victoria, BC)
7 April – Fontana HC (California, USA)
14 April – Bonelli HC (California, USA)
29 April – Paris to Ancaster (Ancaster, ON)

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