Then to now, part two.

Week 1 –

Show up


Look ahead

My plan for the 2016/17 season was to go at it with no expectations. I’m not sure when exactly I knew it’d be my last kick at the can, because right up until World Champs part of me still didn’t want to quit – I was still sort of hoping for that Top 12 that could put me on the National Team… Alas, I got the digits backwards and 21st wasn’t enough to keep me in the game, and so the focus shifts.

I’d stuck to my plan to give myself an honest shot to perform my best last winter. I did my best ever summer of training, made huge improvements in my running tests and blowing rollerski intensities out of the water all through the year, but then just didn’t have the gusto to kick it up a gear and give it gas when the race season came through.

In retrospect, I think I just unloaded way faster than I expected and was a Thanksgiving turkey, and was too hesitant to re-ramp up for the winter after that – having come into race season completely fried from big fall blocks in the past.

Learning, so much learning. That’s really what it was all about.

I still raced well – picking up a career best 21st at World Champs, winning some big long-distance races, being selected for World Cup Finals (which I turned down to race the team events at Nationals instead, but also to allow someone staying in the sport to have the opportunity), and landing a Senior National podium.

For the backend of the 2017 ski season, after World Championships, it felt like I was home-free, it was that same feeling that you get walking out of your last exam for the semester. You pick your head up, peel yourself off the desk, hand in your paper, step outside, smell the fresh air, see the sun shining – and shoot, there’s so much you can do now!

And I already had a mind of what I wanted to do. Some kind of hobby I wanted to work on.


Thank you for dropping by. Feedback on my writing, post-format, and content would be gratefully received. This is still in its infancy and I hope it can grow, if not for others, then at least as a catalogue for some of my thoughts.

Next post tomorrow.

Show up

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