Starting something simple

Week 1 –

Show up


Sitting here, thinking about change.

All it takes to get started is to show up. And showing up is a skill. Being able to step forward and set something in motion is not always easy, certain people are inherently better at it than others, but I believe the ability to show up is trainable. All it takes is one first small step and a commitment to follow through to take another.

This post is my first step and commitment to make regular updates on the blog. I’m going to show up every week, on Tuesdays, and share something. It might not be super polished, but my personal goal is to make a practice of sharing ideas.

The first few posts will be short illustrations on my transition from skiing to cycling, just to get the ball rolling and give new readers a bit of background. They will all be posted this week, then I’ll get on the Tuesday schedule. For now, the weekly posts will have two parts:

  1. Thought / talking point – these will likely be inspired by something I’ve read, or a conversation I’ve had. Generally sport, performance, personal growth oriented.
  2. Workout – might be a recent session, or a throwback. Just an opportunity to discuss training (yah sorry, bit of a nerd), both skiing and cycling, that I’ve either suffered terribly in or thoroughly enjoyed.

I’ve been sitting on the idea of a more regular blog for a while now. It’s inspired by the Daily Blog over at (definitely worth spending some time over there reading, an enormous wealth of information). And in my own way, I hope I can provide a little bit of content for people, especially younger athletes, within the ski and cycling communities to draw on. I’m also curious to see what I’ll come up with down the road.

I am not expert on anything (sorry), but I’ve been prodded enough to feel like I could do more to share what ideas, experience, and knowledge I do have. So if anything, this is an answer to that call.

Writing on a blog wall is my first step – showing up to give a little perspective, a story, something to reflect on, an idea to think about, or get a laugh out.


Next post tomorrow!

Show up


One thought on “Starting something simple

  1. I too am curious to see what you’ll come up with down the road! Sounds like you are motivated to write and that’s great, Jenn. Good luck!

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