Team Sprint day

Yesterday, I did some short race prep-intensity to get ready for the start of Nationals. My first race will be a 5km classic on Sunday. The workout went well, I’m starting to feel more residual energy in my body, but am still far from feeling spritely. We’ll see how things pan out this week. I think almost everyone who raced through to, or near, the end of Ski Tour still has a load on the system, so I think this week will be a great opportunity for other skiers to step up and challenge for the top spots


I didn’t race the team sprint, but am super stoked about Bella and Madi’s third place finish in Senior Women!  It was a bit of a dark horse day, with many of the usual top individual NorAm contenders sitting out or simply without partners, leaving race for the podium was completely open and opportunity awaiting. A+ for Bella and Madi for seizing the opportunity and laying down a seriously awesome race.

Bob and Scott were the top Hardwood team on the men’s side, placing fourth in a nail biting final. Scott had a pretty epic day – racing both Open and CCUNC sprints, as did Katherine. They both won with their CCUNC team’s for Lakehead, and were fourth in Open.

Here are some photos. Look for another update or two this week (dependant on what kind of photos I can rustle up).


Top 40 Ontario Juveniles and Juniors sporting some sharp Rex toques


Camille came out of retirement to race the team sprint with Sam today


Incoming exhange


Madi and Bella put Team Hardwood on the podium!


Whitehorse 1st, Nakkertok 2nd, Hardwood 3rd – epic dark dog race


and birthday podium for Andy – third with Evan for Lappe in Sr Men!

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