NDC Roster: Bob, Dave, Evan

Welcome back to Part 2 of the 2015 edition of the NDC Roster biography series. If you missed the first post, or need a refresher on the “A team”, you can check out the post through the link below.

Part 1) NDC Roster: Alannah, Andy, Angus
Part 2) NDC Roster: Bob, Dave, Evan
Part 3) NDC Roster: Julian, Katherine, Mia, Mike
Part 4) NDC Roster: Sadie, Sam, Scott

This second group of athletes’ names do not all start with the same letter, but you can spell B.E.D with their initials.
Wow, anagrams are fascinating.

Before I dive into Part 2, I would like to apologize to Bob and Evan because I did not get new pictures for them. They were the last to return from the workout on the day I was taking pictures, so the memory on my camera was full and their headshots did not save (I couldn’t see the Memory Full alert because my screen is broken). To make up for this, they will each get two photos: one of them both, then their headshots from last year. Sorry guys.

(This post also has a loose PG rating)

evan and bob

A real gem of Evan and Bob from Frozen Thunder last fall


Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson

Robert John Thompson. Everyone thought they saw a breakthrough two years ago when he won the Olympic trials sprint, but that was just the springboard that would launch his senior career into full swing. This season, Bob made several trips to the NorAm podium and figured out sprint qualification. Bob also logged his first European racing experiences on an exciting (and haphazardly documented) adventure through central-Europe in February. Coming off a run of 4th place finishes at Nationals, and in NorAm sprint and overall standings, Bob is on the hunt for those seconds that will earn him National level podiums and international starts at the Tour of Canada next year.

Evan Palmer-Charrette

Evan Palmer-Charrette

Evan is no longer the lone Thunder Bay native on the NDC, being joined by four other local athletes on the team this year. As a first year U23 skier, Evan’s season was highlighted with individual and team podiums at the Canada Winter Games this past season; first narrowly missing bronze in the individual classic (by 2s!) then taking silver in the mass start, and finally going on to anchor Ontario to a dominating gold medal performance. Evan has already enjoyed some time on snow this year, up at Sunshine near Banff, that should set him up for a great training season as he works towards earning his international debut at either the World U23 Championships or Tour of Canada.

Dave Askwith


Dave is now in his second year with the NDC. The Owen Sound native has made some staggering improvements over the past few years; last season, in particular, he increased his training volume by nearly 100 hours (what the heck) and went from being a top 20 skier in the Junior men’s category to a regular top 5 finisher and podium contender. In the summer months, Dave is a force to be reckoned with in the gym, on roller skis, and on the scooter. This season, Dave is getting ready to take on the NorAm and suit up for Canada at the World U23 Championships in Romania.

And that’s a wrap on Part 2. The third piece should be out in the next few days so make sure to check back!

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