Wetland Training Camp

The clock just rolled over to 12:37pm as I started this blog post. That means I have 2hours 38minutes before I have to turn in my technology and head out for my afternoon workout. 3:15pm (or before afternoon session starts) is our technology curfew for the duration of the training camp. Everyone has to bring their computers, phones, and other screen devices to the coaches dwellings and put them in their parking spots.

technology blackout
I’ll come back to technology blackout though.

We departed Thunder Bay on Saturday for a two-ish week training camp near Hayward, WI. Home of the American Birkebeiner, which is a 54km Marathon Cup event that runs from Cable to Hayward. Our travel day started with a 40minute drive towards the border, at that time we were booted out of the van, handed our skis, poles, boots, Summer Cards and passports, and told to head to America. And so we did.

roller ski

getting ready for our first roller ski of the camp. and a steamroller.

Entering America-land

Entering America-land

The border guards were surprisingly nonplussed about the packs of roller skiers passing by. They also gave us a bit of a laugh when they gave back our passports, handing Holly’s to me and mine to Holly. I guess we could share ID’s or something…

girls at border

The workout was a 2.5hr classic roller ski with 2-4x strength focus double pole up Mt. Josephine. It’s more of a big hill, than a mountain, in my opinion. But a good workout nonetheless. I did 3x up, the first was double pole/kick double pole, and the second and third just double pole. The second I did on my own, and the third with Alannah. Here’s my HR data file, if you want to check it out. Alannah was having a really good day, so I was working pretty hard to keep up with her on the last “interval”.

Once we wrapped that up it was back into the vehicles and on our way – but not before snapping a pic of a truckers fluffy travel companion. The rest of the drive took a bit longer than anticipated due to construction, but the entire drive was mapped out to be around 6.5hrs, give or take.

The trucker dog

The trucker dog

Other than the travel day, the weather has been rather drab. Constantly drizzling, damp, and a bit chilly (in stark contrast to the dry, hot desert conditions we experienced on our first camp in Bend). Which is cause for constant debate over what the best combination of rain jacket/long sleeve/t-shirt and shorts/tights will be. That isn’t the only decisions the weather has forced us to make. We’ve also had to make decisions on how to entertain ourselves without technology – indoors, no less. Crazy.

We’ve been getting into regular evening games of cards and board games. Forks, (a much more exciting, exhilarating, and dangerous) a variation of the popular card game Spoons, was moderately eventful and no one was seriously injured.

Timo's view of us playing Forks

Timo’s view of us playing Forks

Other than that it’s been pretty routine training; 8:30 morning sessions and 3:30 in the afternoons. The roads around here are phenomenal. Everyone seems to agree that it’s a lot like training around Hardwood.

Pristine pavement near the Cresthill Resort

Pristine pavement near the Cresthill Resort

This morning we did a Zone 3 skate roller ski intensity workout. I did 3x10min with 5min in-between each interval (3×10-5). Timo and Vic created a nifty schedule (nifty by any non NDC’ers standards, normal for us) that allowed each athlete to finish their intervals with enough time between them each have lactates done. Even though this is “normal” it’s still pretty impressive planning, especially when everyone is doing different length and number of intervals.

Andy gets a lactate post-interval

Andy gets a lactate post-interval from Vic

It’s 1:26 now. This post has been writing itself slowly… Well, the ideas are coming but the pictures won’t upload. So I’m not sure if this will get posted before I have to turn in my computer. Maybe. Probably not. We’ll see…

3:06 update: Just returned to computer after winning best 2 of 3 (in straight matches) of cribbage against Andy, who has just left along with half the team to do strength, and pictures have finally uploaded. Also – the skies are clearing! I haven’t checked, but I think the weather is about the take a turn for the better – now if we could only get rid of all those mosquitos…

And this concludes my first update of the camp. I plan to update at least one, possibly two more times during/shortly after the camp – so check back later!

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