Kamview Parking Lot: The Movie

Instead of a blog post, today I have a video!

Yesterday (April 17th), our team went out to Kamview Nordic as part of the volume camp we’re doing this week. The conditions in Thunder Bay are still quite good, albeit quite icy prior to yesterday. Having skied out at Lappe for the previous 3 days on crisp, firm tracks (and -14C temperatures – brrrr!), the quick change in weather that brought us 20cm of fresh snow was a dramatic turnaround. It was good though, because we got to test different skis than we’d been skiing on so far this week and it freshened up the trails quite nicely

Anyways, as we were trying to leave Kamview we ran into some trouble; the van could not make it out of the parking lot. That’s when my social media senses started tingling and I fished out my camera so Alannah and I could do a short vlog while we waited in the van (as instructed, to “keep weight on the wheels”). When I got home and perused the stuff I’d filmed, I was struck with inspiration to make an “epic” video to document the event.
And voila! Enjoy!

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