Special Long-Weekend Report

Today was rather eventful, and I seem to have a few moments to spare, so I thought I’d document my day.

So to start things off mum and I ripped up to Orillia for a 5km road race at the crack of dawn. We pulled into the race parking lot running on fumes and peanut butter and homemade jelly sandwiches. Initially I was kind of skeptical about racing because I haven’t been doing too much running training as of late.  But my mum is the ultimate motivator and promised to pay for my entry and if I won something would only take 50% of the profit (such a saleswoman!).  The race was okay, no outstanding times or anything, 2nd place though.  Not too shabby considering the first place girl runs for a division 1 NCAA school on a full ride. Gotta love the local competition.

After scoffing down some post race food (the classic bagels, cookies and bananas) I ditched mum with some friends at the Mariposa market and was off to my second event of the day; roller skiing.  After some nifty navigating I arrived at the Jones residence just in time to learn that their dock had been detached and needed rescuing.  My timely arrival landed me a spot on the dock-retrieval team.  A 30 minute swim wasn’t on the training plan… but I did it anyways because, believe it or not, there are some things in life more important than following a training plan… rescuing broken docks is one of them (there was a crrraaazzy storm last night, high winds and rain that was probably the culprit).

Eventually we did get out for our roller ski.  It was a nice change of scenery for me, and a nice change in people as well.  During our workout a kind gentleman in a vintage Mustang pulled up beside us to exchange pleasantries before continuing on his way.  We also encountered a racoon which was plastered on the road… Kieran was quite tempted to take it (it wasn’t too mangled) and turn it into a coonskin cap for racing this season.  But in the end we decided it better to leave it behind as we had no means of carrying it back.  Oh and it rained, a lot.  Torrential downpour would be an accurate descriptor.  That makes the second time I’ve been soaked to the bone so far today.  Other than that nothing too unusual occurred.  We ate some Nutella and I was on my way home; dreary, tired, sopping wet and smelling like lake water mmmmm…


And yeah – that (above) is pretty much how I felt at about 3 o’clock this afternoon #dead

Fear not though!  I do know a thing or two about recovery.  First and foremost you must eat, rehydrate, change into dry clothes, nap (which I did on the floor, briefly) and then stretch/foamroll/whatever.  I know my stuff.

recovering like a pro

So maybe I wasn’t giving my undivided attention to any one of those recovery activities.  But I am a pretty mean multi-tasker.  I mean seriously, look!  I’ve got my recovery food, my water, my dry clothes, my compression socks, my foam roller, the stick and I’m stretching (kind of).  All the staples!  I’m even doing pertinent things on the computer (ha).

Things have simmered down now and I’m about to put together some dinner before kicking back to watch some of the Olympic highlights from today.  My twitter feed has indicated that it was quite an exciting day in London.  Only three more weeks of camp then I get to relax for a week before going back to school.
Time sure flies.

Jackson OUT

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