Freedom for Five

Just like every other secondary school student I am celebrating the start of summer! Freedom from heavy labour and out into the sunshine for the blissful uncharted days of summer to come. … Well at least four of them. Yep, that’s right. I’ve got five days of summer where there isn’t somewhere I need to be or something I need to do. Anyways, lets get to it…

  • OFSAA track = decent. First year racing steeple chase, ran a nice PR (5:14 or something, not too shabby for a rookie) and made the finals. So I made my goal of getting a spot in the finals, just barely though, I was the last one to qualify.  My next goal was to not be last in the finals, which I, again, barely pulled off  (I think it was by .1s) oh and a huge shout out congrats to Maddy Armstrong for her 3rd in the Jr girls 1500m!
  • Essays: Does anyone else actually go and read over their essays when the teacher hands them back?  They always advise you to so you can read their feedback on your writing, and I honestly haven’t made a habit of it.  But I read this one… And it was ridiculous! I was reading along and just thinking ‘this is a fantastically full of BS! how could I ever get away with this!?’. Seriously though, rereading assignments makes for a good laugh (at yourself)
  • Athletic Banquet: okay so I didn’t actually make it to the banquet this year… I had other stuff that needed doing. Word eventually made its way to me that I was named Athlete of the Year!  Pretty stoked about that because there were a lot of girls this year who had outstanding seasons and pulled out some great results.
  • Got Ryan out roller skiing (willingly!): pretty excited about this. It’ll be a lot better to have someone to go out with (other than my Dad & Kieran – no offence guys). yea so pumped about this. The other day when we were out we actually  found a giant turtle chilling on the road.  We stopped and got it off so it wouldn’t’ get run over. Consider that our good deed of the day.


Okay so this event needs it’s own special header because of how ridiculous it was.  I’ll give a quick background on the situation first.  Right, so over 7000 people in the event, split up into waves off approximately 200 people that go every half hour.  The course is a 6.5-7.0km loop that is littered with extreme obstacles (barbed wire, ice pits, mud pits, climbing walls, ropes, army crawl sections, heavy object moving sections etc…) that you make your way around either going hardcore or no core. As it turns out, there were not a whole lot of hardcore people.  We found this out when, after going through a 30m long waist deep mud bath, we observed three guys reclining in the mud cheering on the other competitors… huh.

pre race stoke level was high

Sarah seems to be the only one with much stoke left

In addition to the race, I spent 8 hours straight over a barbecue, in the pouring rain, grilling burgers. Needless to say I am putting this on my resume.

hmm… so what else. oh yes, so I’m in Thunder Bay right now for some training (that is unfortunately being cut short because of my job – which I am thankful to have despite my current contempt towards it for making me come home early.) and on my flight here the flight attendant was so kind as to spill tomato juice all down the front of my shirt. gee thanks lady. At least she was kind enough to give me extra napkins to clean up…

Oh another beverage incident – I found a full, sealed and labelled bottle of beer in the washroom stall. yep, it was just there, beside the toilet, nothing strange about it at all. Nothing.

And yeah, so I got out for a roller ski today before hitting up the Hoito with Pav.

We had to wait outside for several minutes before we could hail down a passerby to take our picture

As we were talking during our meal it came to our attention that we have shared an inordinate number of post workout meals of questionable quality.  Don’t get me wrong, the pancakes I got at this place were unreal. But the side of fries and the baconcheese burgers and onion rings in Ottawa last time… maybe not quite as high on the list of preferable meal options.  ehh, well whatever, It was totally worth it.

All right so I think that was most of the important stuff. I just threw this together super quick before it slips my mind (again). It probably isn’t quite as quality as my English paper was.. But what can you do eh? My days of summer are limited, I already spent two post exams ones and I think I’ve got three or four more at the end of the summer before I get back at it for one more year.  Funny, a number of people actually asked me how my graduation was this year. Not sure if the jokes on them for not knowing I just finished grade eleven, or if it’s on me because I’ve only finished grade eleven. huh.


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