What Went Down in 2011/2012

Yes, I am going to try blogging again.  The easiest way to start should be with giving a run down of life since… well since some time in autumn I suppose.  I’ll try to keep this quick, still include all the good stuff.

  • Summer school pays off.  I got fifth spare for first semester which was fantastic for getting workouts done before it gets dark and for finishing homework.  So get on the fast track and do some summer school or online, it’s almost worth the pain and suffering.
  • Sports are ridiculous.  Basketball was haywire this year.  We only had 7 playable players and almost as many injured or ineligible.  Highlights were playing 4-on-5 in an overtime game, beating out our rivals in the City Finals in their own gym, and making it to OFSAA.
  • Basketball along with skiing and running was really time consuming.  But all very worthwhile.
  • Image

    City and GB champs… with 5 starters, 2 player bench and 7 person support crew

  • Oh and I have a confession to make about school.  I legitimately fell asleep for the first time in class during biology.  It wasn’t a dozing off on the spot kind of ‘sleeping in class’.  I was a full out head crashing on the desk, out for 10 minutes as your desk partner tries to nudge you awake before the teacher gets involved.  yeah… a little embarrassing but worth mentioning in good humour
  • Training camp in Craftsbury.  We hiked up this ginormous skihill/mountain (twice) in steady downpour and not exactly balmy temperatures
  • At OFSAA for cross country running as well (in Ottawa – I swear, if I had any more events in that city I might as well move there!).  Made a PR of 17th in senior girls as a grade 11 which I was quite pleased with.
  • Jumped up to Thunder Bay for a weekend sometime in the fall for some running/skiing time trials.  It was a real whirlwind trip.  Highlights were pumpkin pies, broccoli and trail maintenance… ha.
  • Image

    Me and the Hills… On a hill.

  • Training camp in Silver Star which was rad.  You’ve all probably heard about it so I won’t bore you to pieces
  • Serious lack of snow throughout the winter in southern Ontario
  • Back out west for WJT.  Had one unexpectedly superb race and a lot of fun doing stuff like not stalking people with ridiculous snow suits trying to get a picture and… yeah, stuff.
  • More skiing, not so much school… Survived exams though, made it through quite successfully if I do say so.
  • Had a fantastic time in Timmins for the OCup and my 17th birthday.
  • Nationals at MSA.  Loads of fun, crazy racing conditions, decent races myself, and an overall very memorable time.
  • Basketball tournaments.  Didn’t play a whole lot, but made the time worthwhile.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got a 1:1 charges taken:games played ratio.  Mad stats!  Watch out NCAA basketball league! … haha maybe not.
  • In my physics class we do some pretty neat assignments building stuff for almost every unit.  So far we’ve built gravity powered cars and musical instruments.  I think my instrument was pretty cool.  I made it out of some random cord I found in my basement, an old canoe paddle, some scrap wood, hot glue and a sanding block… It was pretty legit.
  • Running steeple chase and 3000m this year for track. I’m dong pretty well in steeple so hopefully I’ll sneak through to OFSAA with it this year.
  • So now I’m into track season, back at skiing, still attending school when I can fit it in.

Okay yeah… So other than skiing, some running, dabbling in basketball and skimming through school I don’t do a whole lot.  But hey, it could be worse.  It’s all for fun and I jest about school.  I reckon that I’ll be able to blog on a bi-weekly … on a monthly ahem… I’ll write some stuff down when I can.


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